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Please check the terms and conditions when renting a car in Japan.

1.Driver’s license valid in Japan

(1) International Driver’s Permit or Japan Driver’s License
Taiwan, Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Slovenia, Monaco, etc. do not require an International Driver’s Permit in Japan. You can drive in Japan if you have a driver’s license from your home country. The condition is that you carry your home country’s driver’s license, a Japanese translation of your driver’s license, and your passport. Please be sure to bring a Japanese translation of your driver’s license issued by the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF)
※Please contact the embassy for the issuance of translations. It usually takesMinimum 3 days~ 2 weeks.
(2) Residence card or Passport
☆For details, please check the website of the Japan Automobile Federation.

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2.Driving precautions


・ Japan cars drive right-hand and Japan lanes drive on the left.
・ When driving, be especially careful about accidents involving left turns.
・ Pedestrians have priority on Japan roads even in places where there are no traffic lights or pedestrian crossings.
・ Forcibly changing lanes and overtaking is prohibited.
・ It is also prohibited by law to sound the horn for purposes other than to avoid danger.

Japan traffic signal

Unauthorized copying is prohibited under any circumstances. If discovered, we will charge you all costs incurred in producing it.

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